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Why I Crossfit…

By | October 15, 2010

Tweet I started to draft this post back in August.  I had recently made it out of “On-Ramp” and into the Elements program at Crossfit Performance and was feeling pretty good about the work I had been putting in and the results I was seeing.  I can’t remember the reason why I did not continue […]

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Are you trying to do too much with your email?

By | October 7, 2010

Tweet Working in the email channel I see a lot of different email campaigns.  Some good, some bad, and some where I don’t even know what a company was thinking when they said “Hey, this is a good idea”.  The reason I bring this up is that recently I have seen a lot of email […]

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Fight Gone Bad – The Fight Gets Personal

By | September 16, 2010

Tweet I’ve been talking about the fact that I am going to be participating in a national crossfit fund raiser on the 26th called Fight Gone Bad.  It is a hell of a workout that is jam packed into about 17 minutes of work.  I have been trying to raise $2,500 for my local Box […]

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Two Weeks to Go – Countdown to Fight Gone Bad

By | September 8, 2010

Tweet If you follow me on Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook…you are likely a little bit tired of hearing about Fight Gone Bad.  I can understand your point of view…but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Over the last ten years or so my family has been involved in raising […]

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The Internet Is All Around Us

By | September 3, 2010

Tweet I’ve been traveling a lot recently.  One of the reasons I have not been as religious in updating the blog over the last couple of weeks.  After this trip I would love to say that the travel slows down…but that is not the case.  That is ok.  In my line of work…tis the season.  […]

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Battling the “MetManMig” – Rows and Run

By | August 26, 2010

Tweet I’m overdue for a post.  Being stuck in a plane for about 6 hours on my way to the west coast what a better opportunity to get some good writing in.  It is pretty crazy when I think about the fact that I am tied into the Internet 33,000 feet in the air.  If […]

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Crossfit Performance – Olympic Lifting Phase

By | August 17, 2010

Tweet For about the last four weeks BK has brought the athletes on a journey through the Olympic lifts.  There are two exercises that make up the Olympic weightlifting competition, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk (C&J).  Both movements are aggressive overhead lifts that are beasts.  It is also crucial that the athlete’s technique […]

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eTail East – Views from a Vendor

By | August 13, 2010

Tweet Earlier this week I had the great opportunity to attend the eTail East conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  I first have to say that it was a fantastic conference.  The organizers of the event, Worldwide Business Research (WBR), did a fantastic job putting together the conference.  Everyone I spoke to had a great time and […]

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The Travel WOD – My First Experience

By | August 12, 2010

Tweet Well…it has been a week since my last post…and it has been a long week.  As most of you know I have a toddler at home.  He is getting in a few molars…yes…at once…and has been a chore to get to bed for a nap or even for the night.  I’m not complaining…he sleeps […]

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