Fran – The Wicked Witch of Crossfit

So as I approach a month in full workouts with the elements athletes at Crossfit Performance I have started to look back at the progression I’ve made from when I started.  I’ll save the full flashback post for a few weeks down the road but in just a brief glimpse there have definitely been a bunch of changes.  I’ve increased my physical fitness, changed my diet, maybe lost a few extra pounds, but all together I just feel better.  Both at work and at home I just feel more alive.  I don’t think it is so much that I am doing crossfit, though it is an awesome program, but it is just the activity.  It is having something to throw my entire self into with no consequences.  It is a place I can go and really focus on myself.  I’ve also met some great people.  All of the folks at the Box…BK and Janet…it is really an awesome crew.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a few of the “Ladies of Crossfit” or so I call them.  The Ladies of Crossfit are prescribed WOD that are killers.  So far I’ve met Helen, Karen, and Annie.  This past Saturday I met Fran.  Fran is the wicked witch of crossfit.

On Saturday BK called for a guys only workout at the Box.  The workout began at 11 am and the WOD was unknown.  Not having much to do on Saturday I decided to forgo the 8:30 am standard workout and hit the guys only workout.  The reason for the “guys only” was because it was the start of BK’s bachelor party.  After the session the guys were hitting the open water of Long Island Sound and then traveling on to dinner and the bars of SoNo.  With a little guy at home I missed my little guy so I figured I’d hit up the WOD with the boys and then go on my way.  After the WOD…I went on my way…but was not feeling to merry.  Getting to the box around 10:50 there were already about 12 guys getting warmed up.  BK wasn’t there yet but came strolling in with a few bags of ice a minute or so after I did.  Warm beer needs ice.  It was then that BK announced that we were going to be doing Fran.  Here is what Fran is made up of:

As fast as humanly possible:

Reps: 21 – 15 – 9

95 pound thruster


In this workout the athlete completes the first rep range (21) of the thruster and then goes immediately into the pull-ups for the same rep range.  After that is completed the athlete moves into the round of 15.  That continues through until the athlete completes 9 pull-ups.  This is a timed event and the best time wins.  Since there were 17 of us there for the WOD BK decided to split us into teams of 4 for the workout.  BK would then go after we had completed to get an accurate read of his time.  For those of you who don’t know what a thruster is…check this out.  Since this was my first Fran…I was allowed to modify…I was doing thrusters at 65 pounds and my pull-ups were 10 – 7 – 4 with no band.

It doesn’t look like that much on paper.  Try it.  The thrusters are killers.  It is Monday and my quads are still smoked from the workout on Saturday.  This is the type of workout where the pull-up portion is your rest period.  Imagine that…pull-ups as rest.  It is pretty crazy.  I ended up finishing my modified Fran in 5:12…which I was pretty happy with.  The other three guys on the team really pushing you to perform helped a lot.  Just for some perspective…BK…who did the WOD after everyone was done…finished the full Fran in 2:48.  It was unreal to watch.  Can’t wait to get to the point where I can tackle the witch head on…bring the hurt.

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