“Bosco Lite” – Tearing it Up!

Waking up this morning…I felt great.  It was the first morning in a couple of weeks where I did not feel any pain from the shin splints in both legs I had been struggling with.  The soreness in my quads from Fran was finally gone and I had a decent nights sleep.  All was good with the world.  Sneaking out of the house around 5:15 am, as soon as I got the door open I felt it.  Humidity.  It was back.  Early in the morning it is not bad but I just knew that it was going to be a sticky day in the CFP Box.

Yesterday brought another installment of “90 Seconds with BK” to the CFP Blog.  This installment discussed the life and times of Anthony Bosco, a veteran of CFP since March of 2009.  I run into Bosco during my work at the 5:30 am class as well on Saturdays.  He helped me through the last round of Fight Gone Bad a few weeks ago so it was great to learn a little bit more about him and his journey through crossfit.  Of course with these interviews comes the details of the Wednesday workout.  BK takes the WOD created by the athlete…may tweak it…and puts it out for the Box to take down.  Bosco’s favorite exercises include double under jump rope, pull-ups, and squats.  His ultimate WOD brings all of those exercises together into a form of Annie…but instead of duble unders and sit-ups it is a circuit of all three of Bosco’s favorites…for time.  Here is how the workout breaks down:


50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 of the following exercises:

Jump Rope – Consecutive Double Unders


Air Squats

As Fast As Humanly Possible (AFAHP)

The way this works is that the athlete completes 50 double unders and then rolls right into the pull-ups.  Once those are done…you got it…straight into the squats.  If you are trying to do the math…that is 150 pull-ups.  Right.

The workout was scaled down for those athletes who were still in elements.  We were treated with “Bosco Lite”.  The difference in the workout was in the jump rope and pull-ups.  Here is how the lite version broke down:

“Bosco Lite”

100 – 80 – 60 – 40 – 10 – Single jump rope

30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – Pull-ups

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 – Air squats

Again for those who are mathematically challenged (I needed to use a calculator myself) that is 100 pull-ups.  Right.  The workout was a beast.  Forty minutes after the WOD when I got home…my wife asked me if I fell in a puddle.  I was drenched.  I managed to get through the workout doing the pull-ups as prescribed up until the last set.  This is when “Bosco Lite” really tore it up…literally.  On my last set of pull-ups my calluses started to rip.  With three left on the last set of ten I had to quit…one rip on my left hand and two on the right.  Pretty torn up.  But like I say…bring the hurt.

I loved the metcon today.  We’ve been doing a lot of olympic lifting recently in the Box…and while it is great to increase strength…I feel as though my cardio is struggling slightly.  It was great to get back into cardiovascular swing of things and get the heart rate up.  Really need to work on my jump rope skills.  I really get behind in any metcon that has jump rope involved.  Will probably start doing some work on that during the off days to really get things going.  Hope the hands heal quickly.  Bring the hurt.

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