Why I Crossfit…

I started to draft this post back in August.  I had recently made it out of “On-Ramp” and into the Elements program at Crossfit Performance and was feeling pretty good about the work I had been putting in and the results I was seeing.  I can’t remember the reason why I did not continue the post back then…but after a long absence between crossfit posts I decided that now was the time to get back at the keyboard and get some of my thoughts down.  One thing that is ingrained in each athlete is that you need to write things down so that you can go back and review.  It is all about measurable performance.  Being able to see where you came from in order to establish a plan of attack for where you want to go.  This is what this post is all about…when I come back in a couple of months…I’ll be able to see where I came from…and if I’ve hit my goals…

Why I Crossfit…

  • For my health.  When I started crossfit I was recovering from a herniated disc.  I’m 30 years old and I could not stand up straight for two weeks.  I herniated the disc in the first week of October 2009 and after that basically sat on a couch until I walked into the door of Crossfit Performance.  I was lethargic, overweight, and was still feeling the effects of the disc injury.  Four months later…I am in the best physical condition of my life.  I crossfit to be healthy and to make sure I am going to be around for my wife and son.
  • For my sanity.  I have a two and a half hour commute, 1.25 hours each way, into NYC for work everyday.  Sitting on a train for that long…it gets old.  Not to mention that in between those train rides…a full day of work.  I crossfit to help release the stress of the daily grind.
  • For the people.  Ben Kelly, Andrew Yaun, Tommy Baker, and all of the athletes at CFP are some of the best people I’ve met.  I workout with a crew at 5:30 am that are salt of the earth people.  What keeps me coming back to the box every morning…getting to workout with an awesome group of people who are extremely motivating.  I crossfit because the people who love to crossfit are some of the best on earth.
  • For competition.  At CFP…we get at it in our workouts.  I know people won’t admit it…but everyone in the box has someone they compete against and want to beat.  It is human nature.  You want to be the best.  I crossfit because I want to be the best I can be.
  • For fun.  This one is simple…I crossfit because it is a hell of a workout but more importantly it is awesomely fun.

I could go on and on about the reasons I crossfit and probably have a list of fifty or so before I was done.  The biggest reason I crossfit is because I love doing it.  How many people can say they love something that they do?  To be honest…I hope you…reading this…have something that you love doing.  If you don’t…I don’t know what you are waiting for.  Get up and get out and find something that you love to do.  And I really mean something outside of the basics like hanging out with your significant other, family, etc…Find something that you enjoy doing and make it a priority in your life.  If you can do that I promise that you and everyone around you will be happier.

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