Battling the “MetManMig” – Rows and Run

I’m overdue for a post.  Being stuck in a plane for about 6 hours on my way to the west coast what a better opportunity to get some good writing in.  It is pretty crazy when I think about the fact that I am tied into the Internet 33,000 feet in the air.  If you allow it…you truly cannot disconnect.  But I digress…back to the topic at hand…the MetManMig.  As you know from reading previous posts BK has an ongoing series that highlights an athlete and asks them a series of questions that allows the other members of CFP to learn more about their fellow athletes.  On Tuesday night the latest installment was posted.  After last week’s A-Bomb workout (too tough to even think about writing about) this week it was 90 seconds with Big Jim.  Jim is a tall dude…taller then I am and I stand around 6 ft.  As I read down the interview I was truly engaged in learning about Jim…his service career…how he came to find crossfit…and other facts and tidbits about his life.  On a side note…seems like a lot of the CFP’ers play golf…definitely need a CFP outing in the future.

Jim’s WOD.  I didn’t want to say it on Tuesday at the box…but it was a killer.  Here is what the workout entailed:

500M Row

400M Run

4 rounds, As Fast As Humanly Possibly

Just one word to say to that…ouch.  To sweeten the pot even further…Jim put up a case of beer for the fastest man…and a bottle of wine for the fastest female to complete the WOD.  I don’t have to say it again…but running is not my strong suit.  Like it or not…last week while I was on vacation…I actually put together two consecutive days of travel WODs where I included a mile run as a part of both.  My first day I was really trying to feel out the run…a mile wasn’t as far as I thought it was.  I ended up coming in at 7:17.  Not too shabby for someone who hasn’t run a mile since middle school.  Day two…was even better.  I broke the 7 minute mark and was able to come in at 6:59…that felt awesome.  So seeing Jim’s WOD on Tuesday…4 times 400M…a mile run.  Ugh.  Not only that…but throw in a 2,000M row and you’ve got a killer workout.  I was apprehensive going into the box this morning…but…I got in their early raring to go.

We’ve been doing a lot of mini WODs to warm-up for the main workout recently at CFP and I absolutely love it.  This morning was three rounds of ten burpees and ten sit-ups.  I ended up with a time of 2:30…which…all told…I thought was pretty decent.  About three minutes after that I was part of the first group to head out on the MetManMig.  As an elements athlete BK modified the workout for us and dropped the row down to 350M.  My ego wanted me to bang out the WOD as prescribed…but I put the pride in the pocket and attacked the elements version.  The first round…felt real good.  Controlled on the row…and powerful on the run.  Round two…more of the same.  Coming in from the run…jumping on the erg for round three…I hit the wall.  My legs were toast.  I powered through but definitely did not have my wind with me today in the workout.  I was able to bring it home on the last run for a time of 15:30.  At this point…I’ll take it.  We’re just about wrapped up on our Olympic lifting phase…and while I’ve enjoyed it…with Fight Gone Bad coming up…looking forward to some more consistent MetCon workouts to start building up the endurance required for that beast of a WOD.

BK shared the blog with the box today.  It was great to hear all of the positive comments from my fellow crossfitters at CFP.  This blog has been a good tool for me to help keep my mind straight.  Keep me focused on why I crossfit.  Do I do it for myself?  Of course…but I workout…I commit myself to be healthy for my family. My wife…my son…they are my inspiration. What drive you? What makes you get up at 5:30 am to workout or head to the gym at 5:30 pm after a full day of work? We all have our reasons. Keep focus…keep that drive…and bring the hurt!

  1. diego

    MetManMigs was a KILLER. I don’t think I’ve ever welcomed a rest day like I did this morning.

  2. George DiGuido

    Totally killer…feeling it today man…though all beasts…definitely looking forward to doing all of the WODs we’ve done again…

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