The Internet Is All Around Us

I’ve been traveling a lot recently.  One of the reasons I have not been as religious in updating the blog over the last couple of weeks.  After this trip I would love to say that the travel slows down…but that is not the case.  That is ok.  In my line of work…tis the season.  Clients are preparing for the Q4 push into the holiday season and have budget to burn before they lose whatever is left for 2011.  So at least the travel is for good reasons.

Last week I took an overnight trip out to San Diego.  For those who don’t know I am based out of New York so the concept of a quick overnight trip to the west coast was one met with dread.  Twelve hours of plane travel, if I was lucky, for a four hour meeting…man that is rough.  For our biggest account…it was needed.  It turned out not to be that bad.  One of the major reasons for this was that the Delta flight I was on had Wi-Fi Internet access for the entire duration of the flight.  Once passed 10,000 feet the Wi-Fi signal kicks in and for $12.95 you have Internet access for the duration.  What a deal!  I was able to work and prepare for my meeting the entire way out.  While some might see this as a blessing, being able to do work instead of sleep and relax, I loved it!

As we speak I am currently at 34,000 feet on my way to Atlanta.  Another purchase of Wi-Fi, $4.95 for a shorter flight, and here I am connected once again.  It is clear that the Internet is all around us.  I do question if this is a good thing or not.  My wife certainly questions it and her opinions are clear.  Being connected regardless of where you go means that work can follow you there too.  Work is with me as we travel on family vacations…be it the Blackberry or the laptop…it follows me.  I can understand that it can be annoying and at times being connected all the time definitely turns a good time bad.  It also is a godsend.  Being able to shoot a quick email…check a website…on the go is fantastic.  Can it be abused?  Sure…but so can anything else.

So as we begin our initial descent into Atlanta I’ll leave you with a question…can you truly disconnect?

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