Day 4 of Crossfit Performance…the word of the day…soreness.

No class today…during the on-ramp class it only meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday…but that is definitely a good thing. Especially for me who is coming off about six months of having done absolutely no exercise. These off days allow for the soreness to step and hopefully recover. After day one…day two ended up with me struggling to walk. It was pretty excruciating the soreness…but…might sound a bit sadistic…it felt kinda good. As an athlete up until college…it felt good to get the muscles working again and get the body moving.

Looking forward to hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. Legs are definitely still tight from the dead lifts we were doing yesterday…very little weight but high repetition. I’m sure we’ll start to add weight as we get more and more into it. It is still only week one…

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