Two Weeks to Go – Countdown to Fight Gone Bad

If you follow me on Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook…you are likely a little bit tired of hearing about Fight Gone Bad.  I can understand your point of view…but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

Over the last ten years or so my family has been involved in raising money for children with rare blood diseases and cancer.  My Father started his own 501 C3 charitable organization called Al’s Angels dedicated to these efforts.  Last year Al’s Angels provided over 1500 families in the New York tri-state area with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  In conjunction with the Christmas meals the organization provided over 4,000 toys to children who without this support would have NO presents to unwrap on Christmas morning.  Supporting organizations that help the fight against cancer is something that is truly important to myself and my family.

When presented with the opportunity to raise money for Livestrong and Wounded Warriors through doing a simple (some may argue that it is simple) workout…I really jumped at the chance.  I reached out to family and friends to help support me in my effort to raise money.  The way I look at raising money is that every dollar counts.  I’ve been asking everyone I know to simply donate $10 to help me in my fight.  To date I’ve raised about $1,700 in funds to help in support of the fund raiser and looking to raise even more…think about it…it is only $10.  Is it really that hard to find $10 to donate to a great cause?  I really don’t think so…here are some things we could go without that would allow us to do this…

  1. Pack your lunch! Especially in NYC…buying lunch would cost you around $10.  Pack your lunch a day or two and make a donation!
  2. Go for a walk.  Taking a cab to somewhere within walking distance?  As long as it isn’t raining…how about walking?  Cab fare will run you around $10…which you could donate to a great cause instead!
  3. Play a board game! Ticket prices for the movies run $11/ticket where I live.  Stay in on a Friday night and play a board game with the family.  Not only will you have a great time talking with your family but you’ll have some extra coin to donate!

The three items mentioned above are just the starting point…there are hundreds of other things that you can do to save $10 to be able to donate to a worthwhile cause.  One thing I’ve learned being involved with Al’s Angels is that EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.  Walking through cancer patient wards at hospital around the area is a sobering event.  It shows just how far we have to go in our fight against cancer and really motivates a person to do their best in supporting the battle in anyway they can.  For me…it is my work with Al’s Angels and my participation in Fight Gone Bad on the 25th…I do these things for the faces I see and the people that are supported by these charities.

Will you help me in this battle?

If you are in the NYC area and want to help support Al’s Angels in our efforts…there are loads of opportunities…the one coming up is called 24 Hours of Hope.  It is a 24 hour fund raiser at the Fitness Edge in Norwalk CT where anyone can join and workout for an hour or two to raise money to support kids with cancer and rare blood diseases.  Check it out here.

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