Fight Gone Bad – The Fight Gets Personal

I’ve been talking about the fact that I am going to be participating in a national crossfit fund raiser on the 26th called Fight Gone Bad.  It is a hell of a workout that is jam packed into about 17 minutes of work.  I have been trying to raise $2,500 for my local Box in order to benefit the charities the national event is supporting.  There are three charities…they are The Livestrong Foundation, Wounded Warriors, and The Crossfit Foundation.  Wounded Warriors and Crossfit Foundation are both organizations that support our troops coming home from battle and their families.  Truly…these two organizations help those warriors who come home…as well as the families of those who do not.  Livestrong is an organization that is bent on fighting and finding a cure for cancer.  Not only am I ecstatic about supporting our troops…but the war on cancer really rings home…especially this week.

While my immediate family has not been personally impacted by cancer…as per my previous post we all run a non-profit organization called Al’s Angels.  The organization raises money to support children and their families impacted by cancer and other blood disease. Earlier this week…one of our family friends…one of our angels fighting cancer…went into the hospital with pneumonia. One day we see her pumping iron in the gym…the next morning we get word that she is in the ICU fighting for her life. What an awful disease. Why does it seem to always attack those who are the best of us?

My fight…my participation in Fight Gone Bad has taken a more personal note. I might not be the fittest one doing his workout…or the fastest…but I am determined to fight my hardest. It is the least I can do…and it is nothing compared to those fighting this disease themselves. It is my goal to raise $2,500…and I am almost there…will you help by providing support for me to tackle this workout on behalf of all that are fighting all of the different types of this wretched disease?

Will you help support me in this fight? All it takes is whatever you can afford to donate…do you really need to spend that $10 on a beer? Do you really need that next pair of shoes or to participate in 45 different fantasy football leagues? Why not take a small piece of that money and put it towards a cause you can feel good about?

You can support me here:

Thank you for your support…thank you for reading this…

MM…we love you and thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! “No retreat, no surrender”

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