It’s Been a While…

So…over the last couple of days I’ve been writing a bit more at work.  I’ve got a few posts coming out in the trades over the next couple of weeks and in starting my writing again I couldn’t help but think how I’ve neglected my own blog for so long.  I mean it has been six months since I last posted about anything here!  I know that when I left off the blog I had been writing a lot about CrossFit and less and less about email and marketing in general.  As I’ve revitalized my efforts to keep this blog up to date…I am also committing to a more balanced publish schedule both in the frequency that I post and the subject that I will post about.  I know that I have followers who are interested in only email and marketing…and others who are only interested in CrossFit and those kinds of articles.

With that in mind…the first post back…after this one of course…will be about CrossFit.  There are some interesting things going on in the CrossFit community right now and I think that I can put together a decent post or two combining both the sport of CrossFit and marketing.  There are some definite areas to identify and troubleshoot for the CrossFit organization and think it would make a great post.

So if you are interested…please feel free to read…and definitely go back and catch up on some previous posts.  And if you are not interested in CrossFit, nutrition, sport, or anything like that…no worries…there are going to be plenty of marketing, email, and maybe even some fatherhood posts upcoming.  There will be something for everyone.

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