Why do you Click?

It has been a long week.  By the end of the day Tuesday I had been in a car traveling to and from client locations for a total of ten hours.  That is a lot of time in a car over two days.  Fortunately I was not driving…which allowed me to do a lot of work and a lot of thinking about what my next post might be for the site.  It has been a little while since my last post so I decided to stay on the business side of things and talk about email.  Consuming email through more than three different types of mobile devices this week (laptop, Blackberry, Galaxy Tab) I got to thinking about click-through and what prompts a user to take the action of clicking through on a piece of creative that ends up in the inbox…or maybe even the spam/junk folder.  As someone in the email business…I get a ton of commercial email.  At any given point in time my inbox is slammed with offers and promotions from clients, prospects, and other companies that I personally have an interest in.  In looking through these creative and my experience with them…I’ve come up with some thoughts on why myself and others click-through…

1.  Need – This one is fairly straight forward.  People sign-up for newsletters, promotional emails, and other types of campaigns based on a need for a good or service.  The reason why I am signed up for the daily email from Joseph A Bank is that as a businessman I have a need to wear a suit, a dress shirt, or another article of clothing that they sell.  They also have great deals.

2.  Annoyance – When people are annoyed at receiving an email, they click-through.  They unsubscribe.  They are either annoyed with the fact that someone sent them an email that they did not sign up for or maybe they’ve received too many emails in too short of a time period…there are a variety of reasons.  As marketers it is important not to annoy your email recipients…nothing good can come of it.

3.  Information – A person is apt to click through to a landing page based on the need for more information on an item or topic.  Newsletters or transaction confirmation messages are a perfect example of where people may click through for more information.  Isn’t that the whole point?  How many conversions did you generate from someone just reading an email in their email client?

4.  Curiosity – An intriguing email creative can entice a recipient to click through just because of the novelty of the creative.  An edgy subject line, a funky look and feel to the HTML content are all factors in driving email activity and further click through.  These can be the best of all click through.  It shows just how much of an impact your creative team is having in terms of pushing the needle…driving action…driving conversion.

Is this an exhaustive list…no.  All that travel just got me thinking about click through and what about a piece of creative or a subject line drives us to open and click.  There are plenty of email I get that just end up directly in the trash bin…others just get a cursory look and then end up in the same place.  What’s it all mean?  I guess it is a long way of saying…be creative…you never know when an email recipient might need your product or service…or just be curious enough to click through and find out more.

Have a great weekend!

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