CFP – Bring on the Hurt

Man…am I feeling it this week. Our lead trainer, Ben, was on vacation over the weekend and was not at the training session we had Monday. Lauren, who took over for Ben, absolutely killed it with an ab workout. After the workout I have to admit I felt pretty good. That lasted about 24 more hours until I woke up on Tuesday morning and could not stand up straight. My abs were just firing so hard that they would not stretch out to full extension. The pain, while good, is pretty excrutiating.

It is now Wednesday and I still cannot stand up straight and had another workout this morning. Ben (BK) was back in the BOX this morning and walked us through some technique work and then we headed into some dead lifts…this time around with some weight on the bar. Felt good to go heavier but really have to remember to keep my form tight. With the back it is critical that I do this to ensure no repeat injury. We finished up with some shoulder press exercises that were mixed with a few burpees. First time around on burpees…and we did modified…and those are killer. Abs felt OK after the workout…but now…they have definitely tightened up again.

Definitely looking forward to the off day tomorrow…but totally want to get back into the gym to keep these workouts going. Bring on the hurt.

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