Does Batch and Blast Still Work?

If you read my previous post you would know that I commute into NYC every day for work.  My office is business casual and as a result my closet is loaded with dress shirts, pants and suits to wear into the office.  A good number of those pieces of clothing are from Jos. A. Bank (JAB).  These purchases are a result of the constant barrage of emails from JAB to my inbox every morning.  Every morning I get up for work…pick up my BlackBerry off of the night stand and review the emails that have come in while I was a sleep.  Like clockwork there is always an email from JAB with touting their latest deal or promotion.  I skim through the subject line…and then most days just highlight all, delete, and move on with my day.

As a disclaimer my company does not send the email campaigns for JAB…wish we did…but we don’t.  One email that I do tend to open everyday is the one I receive from JAB.  Not because I am someone who shops for clothes everyday…but because I am one that tends to look for a bargain.  When it comes to bargains…there are few who offer as many and as varied as JAB.  My personal favorite is their buy one get two free promotion.  When that deal rolls out you will definitely find me in the store looking for something to fill out my closet.  Which brings me a long way around to getting at the point of this post.  Almost as consistent as their emails to my inbox…I visit my local JAB store after hearing about every buy one get two free (BOGTF) promotion they offer.  I don’t purchase every time but when I do I tend to get an email thanking me for my purchase from the sales rep that assisted me.  This is a great touch…but also presents a missing opportunity.

Yesterday's email from Jos. A. Bank
Wednesday's email from Jos. A. Bank

If JAB were really paying attention to their promotions and sales…they would see that I am one who looks for a deal.  Someone who consistently purchases during a certain promotion and build a campaign an series of messages tailored to my buying habits.  I am certainly not the only one of their email customers that gets into the store when the BOGTF promotion comes around.  Certainly there are other trends and patterns they can utilize to help build personas on their email audience.  If there is one thing that we speak to our customers about more than anything it is the fact that relevancy in email boosts the response generated from an outbound email campaign.  We currently have an online retailer that has implemented simple spotlight image personalization in their emails based on previous purchase data and it has increased their promotional email click-through rate by 17%.  It is time for companies to move away from the batch and blast mentality and start listening to what their customers are telling them both directly and indirectly.

Sure…you can throw anything against a wall and there is the potential for something to stick…Jos. A. Bank does it and they get me into the store every once in a while…but truly relevant personalized communication to an email audience provides an opportunity to boost engagement and loyalty while also increasing the bottom line.  Let’s stop blasting and start sending email.

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