CFP – Begin Week 2

Today began the second week of the Crossfit On-ramp program I am taking a part in.  Went pretty well.  Not feeling as gassed as I have from previous workouts…but that said…we are not doing anything overly intense at the moment.  We are doing a lot of technique work…which is pretty awesome.  I am always trying to get ahead of myself with weight and really push myself.  It is nice to be held back for the sake of technique.  With me still in recovery from a herniated S1 in October it is critically important for my technique to be flawless else I’ll end up back in the hospital.  That is definitely something I do not want.

Workout today was push jerks followed by some ab workout on the back extension machine.  Note to all folks who are novice when it comes to using free weight equipment in the gym…DON’T try to adjust the machine while someone is on it.  Had my “partner” pull the pin as I was getting on the back extension this morning and went off the machine backwards…could have been really bad…but wasn’t.  Anyway…I survived…but want to remind folks that if you don’t know how a machine works…ask for help.  Abs will be hurting tomorrow for sure…but it’s a good hurt.  Bring it on.

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