Why Wait? Automate!

So a crash of my Macbook has got met writing this entire post over again.  While annoying…it also is the ultimate proofread. It allows you to go back and think about what you are writing and have already written and try to improve upon it.  Your words have already been put to paper…or WordPress…once before and you can now really think about what it is you truly want to say.  In thinking about this post…and all of the posts I write on this blog…I think that being an honest writer is the most important thing for me.  I throw this out on the table because I am about to go on a rant about email marketing and just wanted to be clear to all those reading who may not know my background just where I am coming from.

I’ve been in email marketing for about 10 years.  A long time for sure…but I know plenty who have been in the field longer.  For all of those ten years I have been on the client side of the email relationship…always playing a support role to a companies email efforts.  I’ve setup and deployed campaigns for some of the largest companies out there.  I’ve sent campaigns to 50 people…I’ve hit the send button on campaigns to 5 million people.  But I’ve never been that person on the client side that is ultimately responsible for the performance of these campaigns.  I’ve been in thousands of meetings, to hundreds of industry events, and even some boondoggles…I mean trade shows…in those ten years and it still amazes me that the industry is still talk about the same topics and trends that they were talking about when I sent my first email campaign on behalf of a client.  The topics of dynamic content, deliverability, spam, content relevancy, and my personal favorite…automated messaging still dominate the airways when discussing email marketing programs. When are marketing, IT, and operations groups at companies going to understand how valuable email marketing is to their organizations.  Email is an essential tool in helping to nurture and retain customers.  I’ve seen recent metrics out in the market that it can cost anywhere between 5 and 15 times more to acquire a new customer when compared to the cost to keep an existing.  Email is that tool that allows this to be so cost effective!

I tend to get a lot of email…and there is one company that I believe knows this and at least is making efforts to expand their new offerings to existing customers.  I’ve been a Diapers.com customer for over two years now.  As a father of two boys…we go through a lot of diapers.  While their email program consists of a few promotional emails a week…not great…but at least it isn’t ever day like some others I know of…but they have done a great job at introducing their new sister brands to me as a loyal customer.  Soap.com, Wag.com, and now YoYo.com are now all destinations I visit when I am looking for anything related to my kids, my dog, my personal hygiene, all as a result of their email campaigns doing a great job at providing me value as an email recipient.  The fact that orders across all four sites can be combined to reach that $50 order minimum for free next day shipping…even better.  They have done a great job at letting their existing customers know what value they have to offer and are building increased loyalty among their subscriber base.

There are a lot of simple things that marketers can do with email to help boost their bottom line.  First thing is to actually have and execute on an email marketing plan.  Don’t just batch and blast unless there is a determined strategy against that type of effort.  Create automated triggers to your email recipients…the easiest being the automated welcome campaign.  One of the best performing email campaigns you can send is that immediate confirmation to a new registrant..huge engagement metrics off of that campaign.  Lastly…listen to what your email recipients are telling…either directly or indirectly.  Monitor your open and clicks and most importantly your opt-out rate…all metrics of engagement to see how your recipients are really receiving your message.

Thanks for listening to my rant…hope you got at least a few tidbits from my diatribe.

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