Blog Neglect…Guilty as Charged

I’ll admit it…I made a promise to keep my blog updated with at least one post per week…and I have failed miserably.  Maybe it is because when I sit down to write something…I feel as though I have to write something substantial, something that has meaning.  Isn’t that what blogging is all about?  The question is, who should the post have meaning to?  I’m not a well know blogger.  I don’t run ad supported content on my site and use it as a means to generate revenue (much to the dismay of my spam comment posters).  I blog to get ideas and themes out of my head and onto a piece of digital canvas so I can see if they have any promise or interest to others reading this post.  I’ll tell you what…this particular posting won’t be relevant to most…most won’t care…but I believe most have been in my same position.

Why haven’t I updated my blog more frequently?  I don’t know.  I guess it could be that I am super busy at work…or that with 2 boys at home (2 1/5 and 4 months) my time in the evenings is spent putting kids to bed and making dinner…or that the 3 hours I spend daily on the train commuting to and from work I just want to spend vegging out with as little brain power as possible.  With all of that…there is always 10 or 15 minutes available where I could be getting ideas down on paper.  There is always a post waiting to be written.  Maybe it is a result of the form that I chose to build my blog in…using WordPress instead of Tumblr…maybe that makes it more difficult or puts more pressure on me to write coherent pieces, but that is just an excuse.

SO my commitment is to keep this blog going.  To post at least once per week…and to keep things going.  I”ll talk about anything and everything…within reason…so if you’d like to suggest a topic…please feel free!

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