CFP Week 3 – For Whom the Bell Tolls

After a long weekend…this morning’s workout brought with it the introduction of my new favorite pal…the Kettle Bell. Awesome.

The workout started off with some pull-up work…which my back will be feeling tomorrow for sure…followed by some short sets of wall balls. The wall balls were more a refresher of the beast that is the wall ball. For those of you who are not aware of what exactly a wall ball is…check out this video: The Wall Ball

After the wall balls were completed we moved onto our first experience with the Kettlebell. Needless to say these were challenging. Didn’t tweak my back at all because BK (our head trainer) is a stickler for form and definitely makes certain no one is doing anything that will hurt them. These are definitely tough though…going to be supremely sore tomorrow.

We finished up with a rotation of 10 bell swings and a 200 meter run…two sets…needless to say my nemesis…running…definitely jumped up and took a big bite. Continuing to work on it…will get there eventually.

Tomorrow is going to hurt…soreness is good…bring it.

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