500 Meter Row Time Trial

It is official…Crossfit kicked my butt this morning. For the first fifty minutes or so…I was thinking to myself…”Oh, this is not going to be too bad of a day”. Man was I wrong. After reviewing the back squat with BK we moved into working on the Burgner warm-up. It is basically a precursor to the Olympic lift called the Snatch. The warm-up consisted of walking through form and technique but was still demanding as a result of the new positions and muscles being used. With about ten minutes to go BK brought us inside for the 500M time trial.

Was in the second group…and pulled in at 1:40. Totally dead…was originally pulling at a 1:30 pace for the first 250M but then absolutely died. In all my years of swimming I am not sure I felt as gassed as I did after the time trial. My endurance and stamina is just not there. It will get there.

Bring the hurt.

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