First Elements Workout – 7/5

So with the On-Ramp schedule for the class at Crossfit Performance running into the holiday weekend Ben decided to move our normal class from Monday to Tuesday. This made it impossible for me to attend due to overseas conference calls that were scheduled for this morning so Ben said I should take the Elements class yesterday. Though I was a bit nervous about attending…I’m all about the challenge so I showed up at 8:30 am and went through the reps.

I lucked out as the workout was more strength than aerobic. Though I’m not the strongest at this point…I could at least hold my own. The workout was the following:

  • Bench Press: 75% of your 1 rep max for 5 reps. Then repeat for 80% and the last set at 85% AMRAP.
  • Dead-hang Pull-ups: AMRAP (As many reps as possible) at a tempo of 2 second negative, 1 second pause, 2 second lift, 1 second pause. 4 sets.
  • Back Extensions: 10-12 reps, four sets
  • Farmers Walk: 100 meters walk/run holding two 33lb Kettle Bells

Since I didn’t have a 1 rep max for the bench that was recent…I did my reps at 115, 125, 135. Got through the first two sets with no problem and then made it to a count of 6 at 135 before I hit my limit. Feeling pretty good today in terms of chest.

With the pull-ups…was able to score 9 on the first round through but then was pretty well spent. Made it through 5 on the second set and then only 2 on the last set. My traps are killing me today.

The back extensions were tough. With my back injury couldn’t push it with these. Only made it to 8 reps for the 4 sets and had problems with form. The core is weak. Need to build it up.

Ending with a MetCon of a Farmers Walk was pretty intense. With the weather already into the middle 80’s it was pretty hot as well. On the first half of the first leg…decided to walk. When I hit the turn I started to jog a bit. Wasn’t able to get going too fast but it felt good to move at faster than a walking pace. Made it through the 3 sets pretty good and was not too gassed at the end of the workout. A little more soreness today from the strength workout…but all in all starting to feel a bit better. I’m sure we’ll do some running tomorrow and the workout will bring me back down to earth. Bring the hurt.

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