Elements – Day 4

Don’t worry…I’m not going to post after every workout…but I will post every once and a while after a workout really resonates with me. As Crossfit is five times a week…I’d likely get carpel tunnel syndrome from all of the writing I would then have to do.

Today at the Box we moved away from sprinting. Crazy that in my first week of full workouts the first two days would include WODs (workout of the day) that included running…which as I’ve pointed out is likely my biggest weakness besides endurance at this point.

Anyway…today was a WOD to remember and one that I liked a lot. Here is the breakdown and my results:

5 HCJ – 68#
6 pull ups – no band
10 HCJ – 63#
12 pull ups – 6 no band, 6 w/1 inch band
15 HCJ – 53#
10 pull ups – all w/1 inch band

AFAHP (As fast as humanly possible)

In terms of a legend for what is listed above in the workout…HCJ is hang clean and jerk.  The kicker here is that this is a continuous workout…and is supposed to be as fast as you can go.  I completed the above in 8:38…which I think was pretty decent for a third day of working out in a row.  The first time through the HCJ and Pull-up combo was pretty good…but once you hit the second leg…even though you are dropping the weight…it is still a monster.  Using an elastic band for assistance in the pull-ups also helps…but in that last round of 10 pull-ups…it is definitely a struggle.  The seasoned elements folks did 18 in that last round…but BK took pity on me (likely for the sake of technique) and cut me down to 10 reps.

A great workout…I’m going to be sore tomorrow…but at least it is a day off…so that is nice.  Will be ready to kick it on Friday.

Good luck to the Crossfit Performance Team at the Crossfit Games this weekend!!!  Bring the hurt!

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