It Ain’t Always Easy

After visiting a colleague in the office I saw an “Easy” button on his desk. These were the manifestation of the “Easy” button from the Staples commercials. We used them in a promotion the sales team was doing here at Zeta Interactive and with any promotion there were some extra. Four of which ended up on my friends desk. Guess they were one-time use easy buttons.

It got me thinking…is an easy button worth it? Would you every really want to take the easy way out? There are things we have to do in our daily lives that are difficult, trying, and simply just not easy. I feel as though these situations, these moments, help us to learn, grow, and give us additional perspective on life. Are all difficult situation profound moments of discovery? No. But could you imagine what life would be like if you never had to make a difficult decision? What would that person be like? Would they have a point of view? Would they be selfish in the way that they acted? How dependent would they be on that easy button?

Having to have made some difficult decisions over the last few days this is something that has been on my mind. Did I make the correct decision? Did I consider all of the options? Was there a better choice? (Seems like I really like rhetorical questions huh? Enough of those…for now) I could sit here and beat myself up about answering those questions but the fact remains…I made the decision. I did not hit the easy button and allow someone else or a flip of the coin to handle the situation. These types of decisions happen everyday.

A bit of a ramble today…but that has been what the day has been like. Until tomorrow…

(PS…extremely sore today…hopefully will recover in time for tomorrow’s CFP session)

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