Annie Get Your Gun

Tomorrow will officially be two straight weeks for me at Crossfit Peformance. I’ll tell you what…I have never felt better. Getting into the Box 5 days a week has certainly been a challenge, especially when class starts at 5:30 am. I love every minute of it though. The workouts are definitely a challenge but the aspect I like most about the work is that it brings a team mentality to individual training. The other athletes working out are there not only to fell the burn themselves but to encourage and motivate the others to keep going. It is awesome.

This morning I met my third lady of Crossfit. That is right…three ladies in a single week. Not sure if that is normal or not but for me…it has been a tough week. Today I met Annie. Annie is a tough lady. Here is the workout:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double Under Jump Rope
Abmat Sit-ups
As Fast As Possible – 10 minute cap

Now because I am a novice I was only doing single jumps for my rope work. A double under is when the rope goes around twice in a single jump. The way this works is you start with the 50 jump rope then go directly into the 50 sit-ups. Once you complete that set you go directly back to the rope and start your set of 40. Continue down to 10.

It is a killer. I did not make the cap…this time around. The jump rope killed me this morning. Need to get a rope and start practicing big time. I made it 18 sit-ups into my 20 round when the 10 minute cap hit. I finished the workout. I needed to complete the day. Don’t know why but I just felt as though I owed it to myself to finish it out.

This week was tough. Early mornings, tough workouts, but after all of that I feel great. I am energized and ready to go. Full team workout tomorrow at 7 am. Can’t wait to get back to the Box.

Bring the hurt.

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