Fight Gone Bad

This past weekend, Saturday to be specific, Ben Kelly, the owner of Crossfit Performance and lead guru, called for an all athlete WOD and meeting at 7:00 am. Coming off a 12th place finish at the Crossfit Games the previous weekend it was anyone’s guess what this meeting was all about. Needless to say I was pumped to get back into the Box after a great workout on Friday and was definitely excited to take part in my first workout with the entire gym.

The heat and humidity on Saturday was brutal here in the northeast. As I usually have more time to get to and from the gym in the morning for Saturday workouts I like to ride my bike to the Box as a nice little warm-up. It is only about a mile from my house and it is not that strenuous of a ride. As I walked out of the house to the garage I was hit with a wall of humidity. At around 6:30 am the humidity was already at 80% and only going higher. It was thick. Getting a breeze going while on my bike it turned out that the ride in the heat was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Arriving to the Box about ten minutes early I was surprised to already see a group of athletes warming up and getting ready to go. More to my surprise was watching Ben doing some pretty strenuous exercises. This was my introduction to Fight Gone Bad (FGB).

After about ten minutes Ben finished his workout and brought the team in for a talk. It was during this time that he formally introduced the WOD which was Fight Gone Bad. This might sound like a weird name for a workout. It’s origins are with Mixed Martial Arts and a trainer who created the workout for one of his fighters. After the fighter completed the workout the trainer asked what he thought. A bit disoriented the fighter responded with something like “It felt like a fight gone bad”. The workout was then dubbed Fight Gone Bad. Here is what it consists of:

Five Stations, one minute at each station, 1 minute break after the 5th station

Station 1 – Wall Ball: 20# ball
Station 2 – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull: 75#
Station 3 – Box Jumps: 20 inch box
Station 4 – Push Press: 75#
Station 5 – 1 minute row for calories

Repeat 3 times. Final score is the combined repetitions for each station in each round.

So you are asking yourself, is this for real? The answer is yes. You are going for the maximum repetitions within each station in one minute. There is no break between stations. It is five minutes of pure hell, a minute break, then back to the beginning. Three times through.

Going through the workout for the first time, it is a beast. When you are in the throws of FGB you are pounding out the reps and at around the fifty second mark you wrap up the station and prep for the next. You think to yourself…there is no way I could have gotten another rep. After you complete the eighteen minute workout, you’ve cooled down, you look at your score and say “I could have gotten one more rep at each station!”. That is the rub. It is not about brute strength, though that helps. It is about strategy. It is about staying within yourself and not going for broke in the first round. It is about control and endurance.

Crossfit Performance, the Box, puts on a competition every fall where other teams come in from around the area and compete in rounds of FGB. To the winner goes a trophy and bragging rights. Last year CFP lost the battle. This year the Box is prepping to get the title back. Saturday was the first step in the training for that moment. It was a great introduction to a tough workout. One that not only challenges the physical but the mental as well. I look forward to getting at this workout again. Score: 202

Bring the hurt.

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