Why I Don’t Unsubscribe

It has been a little while since I’ve posted about email on the old blog. I’ve been guest writing on some other blogs and have been trying to come up with a few good things to write about. Like most in their morning routine I got into the office, booted up the machine, and started checking some email. With the work emails reviewed and followed up with I decided to turn my attention to some of the emails that had found their way into my Hotmail account. I was excited to see that I had also been upgraded Hotmail’s latest version. While I’m not impressed with the new layout upon my initial reviews I’ll give it some time before I start to complain.

I’m pretty sure I am in the minority where when I say that if I receive a promotional email in my inbox, I am not quick to unsubscribe. I like to take some time to read the content and see if there might be anything of interest within the content that could possibly provide value or benefit to me or anyone I may know. One of the morning staples in my inbox is an email from Omaha Steaks. I love Omaha Steaks. They send me at least four to five emails per week trying to entice me to order whatever they might have on sale at the time. Here is a look at today’s offer:

I usually just delete these emails from Omaha when I see them in my inbox. Four to five emails a week is a little overboard. But I haven’t unsubscribed from the program yet. Why? I tolerate their daily emails for offers like the one today. How can you turn down an offer that provides you $170 worth of value for only $50. Not to mention two free gifts with your order! You can never have too much steak and these combination offers are a great gift idea! While not in the market for steak everyday…I’m still curious to see what they come up with.

Here are a few more reasons why I don’t unsubscribe:

  1. Value – Like the email this morning there is always the potential for a company, vendor, friend, to provide value in an email campaign.  In a recent study from Litmus of 14 million email readers it found that 51.1% of those readers only spend two seconds looking at an email before deleting.  That is all it takes to decide whether or not to engage.  I can spare two seconds reading an email.  Especially if I signed up for it!
  2. Interest – I only sign up for emails from companies I have an interest in or have purchased from previously.  Why clutter your inbox with emails that you are just going to delete?
  3. Competition – I’m in the email marketing game.  I sign up for emails so I can see what other people are doing.  These emails are coming to my personal email account.  Aside from being in email I am also a consumer.  Where I might critique an email harder than others…I will also convert off of email promotions!  I like to see what drives me to convert to provide strategic insight into what their competition might be doing in the channel.
  4. You never know! – You just never know when you might get an email that speaks to you.  Emails are not always focused on sales and promotions.  It is true that emails are sent with the goal of driving the recipient to a revenue generating action but there is a lot of good email out there which provides great insight.  I love the emails from Eat This, Not That!.  Yes…they try to sell me a magazine subscription as soon as I hit the website but that is OK.  I get a ton of information from their emails regarding nutrition and healthy food options.

To be honest, I do use the unsubscribe link. I’ll unsubscribe when I receive an email from a company with whom I did not register for their email program. I’ll unsubscribe from anyone who sends me more than an email a day. That is just too much email. It really does take a lot for me to unsubscribe from an email campaign. These days I’ve found that people are very quick to unsubscribe. Is it annoying to log into your inbox and see a flood of email, sure. Just remember that you signed up to get these emails..or hopefully did…so you should expect email from them! Give them a chance to prove value before you jump all over that unsubscribe link. You never know what you might miss if you eject from the program too earl

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